Nano Series,ND1000 28 Multi-Layer

About this item

  • 1. Magnetic suction filter, the biggest selling point is "quick installation and removal", unlike threaded filters, it needs to be rotated; magnetic suction filters can be installed in one second, threaded filters need at least 6 seconds.
  • 2. No color cast, 10 gears dimming (3.0);
  • 3. The lens adopts the double-sided polishing process and is used on the telephoto lens. The photos are still clear and high-fidelity, which restores the true colors of things;
  • 4. 16-layer nano-coating, with anti-reflection green film, can effectively reduce the reflection of the filter surface while filtering ultraviolet rays, greatly improving the light transmittance and balancing colors;
  • 5. Multi-layer nano-coating, dustproof, waterproof, stain-proof and scratch-proof, protect the lens;
  • 6. Ultra-thin frame design, which can effectively prevent vignetting when using a wide-angle lens. The frame is processed by CNC, and the appearance is full of layers;
  • 7. Equipped with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material magnetic lens cover, both magnetic and threaded, you can install the lens, two-in-one function;
  • 8. The magnetic lens cover can be installed quickly to prevent the lens filter from being scratched;
  • 9. Equipped with magnetic attachment ring, convenient to install other magnetic filters.

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