Nano-X Series,True Color ND2-32 28 Multi-Layer

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Nano-X Series,True Color ND2-32 28 Multi-Layer

Limited Variable ND

Nano-X Series,True Color ND2-32 28 Multi-Layer


37mm/ 40.5/ mm/ 43mm/ 46mm/ 49mm/ 52mm/ 55mm/ 58mm/ 62mm/ 67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm/ 86mm/ 95mm/ 105mm/

About this item

  • 【Without Partial Yellow】The true color variable nd filter solved the common problem of partial yellow and color shift, showing the true color of the image and video.
  • 【Titanium Coating Technology】All-new coating technology, ensuring without partial yellow problem, restore the image and video's true colors. Waterproof and scratch-resistant, durable enough, and all-rounds protecting the camera lens well.
  • 【1-5 Stops Light Reduction】Variable neutral density filter offers 1-5 stops light control over exposure settings, allows reduce shutter speeds and wider apertures.
  • 【Putter Adjustable】An putter rotating helps accurately rotate the stops in photography, especially for the light control in video shooting, conveniently enough.
  • 【No "X" Cross 】With the frame self-locked design, the exposure range-control filter ring with hard Stops at each end, perfectly solved the black "X" problem on the variable nd filter.

Does this filter with in front thread? Is it possible to add filters?

True Color filters have front threads for stacking filters (although filters are equipped with front threads, compatibility between all filters when stacked is not guaranteed 100%)

Is the true color filter compatible with lens caps and hoods?

True color filters are compatible with lens caps, not compatible with hoods

How to select the correct filter size?

The number on the lens or lens cap beside the "Ø" is your lens size, just select the same size filter.

What is the difference between true color VND and other VND?

True Color VND ensures that the yellowing problem is effectively solved during the video shooting process, restoring the true color of the picture

Is this filter can avoid the black "X" cross phenomenon?

There will be no dark corners with this filter on non-wide angle lenses, which may occur if the focal length is less than 24mm.

High Definition
Nano Coating
Reduces Exposure by


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