Experience Project

We are fully confident that every photographer is unique.
Each one reveals the world from a different angle, a different frame, a different light, that only one can envision.

K&F CONCEPT helps people capture
their incomparable imagination.

To better help photographers realize their creativity, K&F CONCEPT has set up the experience project. We believe that bold, crazy ideas and imagination will eventually become reality.
K&F CONCEPT invites you to participate in this project now, and let's create the impossible together.

How do we achieve the tentative work?

This will be a long-term project, honestly, it is difficult for us to realize every precious idea.
But we will collect your artful imagination through this project to create conceptual products.
Taking a lot of time and effort to experiment with them. This is like a laboratory, let our ideas collide with chemical reactions.

Creator Collaboration

With passion and creativity, K&F Concept would invite you to participate in this creation feast, test our delicate manufacture and present them to people around the world through social media. Proficient in photography, active and influential on social media, appealing among fellow photographers, you will get the priority to collaborate with us.

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Sincerely thank you for your choice, K&F CONCEPT will accompany you in every memory.
Join the journey of exploring the K&F CONCEPT Member Club, we will continue to create more surprises.
You are now invited to participate in the exciting giveaway event.

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Lucky Order Bonanza

Thank you for your ongoing support and affection for our brand. Your support has enabled us to achieve many breakthroughs and offer products and services that meet your needs. Your expectations drive us to innovate and improve continuously. To show our gratitude, we've added exclusive activity for K&F CONCEPT Member Club members.

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Invite And Earn

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Make your voice

"Making your voice" is a program which selects the most insightful K&F Concept community members to test and share their best discoveries of our specific products.
These eligible members have the unique opportunity to order samples free of charge on our amazon official store. Your reviews could be videos, images or text on our specific Amazon listing page rather than others places.

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Welcome to our product lab.
The philosophy of K&F CONCEPT is to be a better choice for photographers.We will provide some new products or concept products here from time to time, and we look forward to your active participation in product testing and giving valuable suggestions.

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Idea sharing

K&F CONCEPT welcomes all friends who love photography and like to study photography to participate in this activity. The "key opinion" is not in the number of followers but in your "opinions".
We believe you can deliver the right products to people in need uniquely at the right time and place. We hope to get your sincere feedback.

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