Ten years of ingenuity, K&F CONCEPT helps photographers to open up new horizons.

30 January 2023
The unique perspective of each photographer is the starting point for dialogue with the world through images, and it is also the source of product innovation for K&F CONCEPT.

K&F CONCEPT believes that sophisticated photographic equipment can better help photographers realize their creativity; therefore, we always insist on designing and producing photographic equipment and accessories with innovative ideas, sophisticated craftsmanship, and excellent quality, so as to help photographers in the mind of images. Get your wish and open new horizons.

Since its establishment in 2012, K&F CONCEPT has been committed to designing, innovating and producing a full range of photographic equipment and accessories, including but not limited to filters, tripods, lens adapters, backpacks, etc. K&F CONCEPT's filters can ensure the output of high-quality video works; a stable and reliable tripod escorts the creative process of shooting, and the professional design of the lens adapter ring is the guarantee of K&F CONCEPT's high quality.

Ten years of deep cultivation, practical products, dedicated to research and development of photographic accessories that exceed expectations

Adhering to the concept of providing systematic solutions for photography enthusiasts around the world, K&F CONCEPT established an optical filter R&D and production base in 2014 to research and produce sophisticated filter series products for photography enthusiasts; Together with a number of accessories series products such as adapters, it has obtained more than 100 photographic equipment product patents at home and abroad, including but not limited to 11 invention patents, 58 utility model patents, 66 design patents and 16 software copyrights.

Work hard, work hard for a long time. In the past ten years, K&F CONCEPT has won industry recognition and won many industry awards for its pursuit of product quality excellence. Among them, the K&F CONCEPT lens adapter has won the Japan DGP Comprehensive Gold Award for five consecutive years (2018-2022), and the excellent design concept of the square filter holder system Xpro has also won two international well-known product design awards: iF Design Award (iF Design Award (iF Design Award) DESIGN AWARD) and the Red Dot Design Award.

Strength and attitude coexist, K&F CONCEPT has been widely reported by media at home and abroad, K&F Focus Studio has been reported by Japan's "OLD LENS LIFE" for 3 consecutive years, and many products have also been listed in the professional magazine "Digital Camera" in the field of photography in Japan. Professional scenery in North America Photography magazine "Outdoor Photographer", etc.

Global business coverage, recognized by authoritative platforms, favoured by thousands of overseas users

Today, K&F CONCEPT's business has covered 56 countries and regions around the world, serving global users in 21 languages. At the same time, in order to ensure timely and unified logistics, the brand has built a number of overseas warehouses to build and improve its own logistics system.

At present, K&F CONCEPT has been recognized by many authoritative platforms in the industry and has entered dozens of authoritative photography category platforms in the world, such as Yodobashi, the largest physical electronic chain in Japan, B&H, the largest professional video sales platform in North America, and Adorama. At the same time, the brand has won the favour of a large number of users by virtue of its strict control of product quality and excellent user experience.

"Uniform colour, clear picture, no colour cast, professional, outstanding performance in video shooting..." This is the evaluation made by a large number of users on K&F CONCEPT's ND filter series. At the same time, K&F CONCEPT uses excellent materials and fine workmanship. , has also won widespread praise for being "strong, durable, high-quality, and reassuring to use."

With products and brands as the core, K&F CONCEPT has never stopped exploring the way to create professional and innovative photographic accessories, striving to be at the forefront of the times and to meet the constantly updated needs of users.

K&F CONCEPT always believes that the product itself can speak, and the brand will do its best to help every photographer to achieve a higher expressive heart, which will eventually be passed on to every user through the product itself. The concept of focusing on products and ignoring marketing has always made the brand a little low-key in the Chinese market, but K&F CONCEPT's products have long been recommended by a large number of domestic photographers due to their excellent quality.



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The brand image of K&F CONCEPT has been fully upgraded, and the global official website is online.

Photography is a record of the world, inner expression and aesthetic release. When the vision is no longer in the mind, let sophisticated photographic equipment help photographers realize their creativity.
Mutual achievement, meeting at the top, K&F CONCEPT attracts outstanding peers with professionalism

For photographers, high-quality equipment and high-level photographers often complement each other and achieve each other. K&F CONCEPT, a photographic equipment brand created by a group of excellent and passionate photographers, is well-known in the photography circle for its professional design, thoughtful details and excellent quality.

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