The brand image of K&F CONCEPT has been fully upgraded, and the global official website is online.

31 January 2023

Photography is a record of the world, inner expression and aesthetic release. When the vision is no longer in the mind, let sophisticated photographic equipment help photographers realize their creativity.

K&F CONCEPT designs innovate and manufacture a full line of photographic equipment and accessories. In the past ten years, the brand has been favoured by a large number of senior photographers with its professional quality and exceeding expectations.

Brand comprehensive upgrade

To better help photographers realize their creativity, in 2022, K&F CONCEPT will be newly upgraded, with enthusiasm and professional attitude and products, in the spirit of excellence, re-integrate the whole process of product development, supply chain, logistics, customer service, and continue to explore and Responding to the needs of users, producing the most suitable products to serve a wider range of photography players.

Along with the brand upgrade, K&F CONCEPT's new Logo also gracefully debuted at the same time, on the entire line of products (the online and offline material Logo switching is in progress in an orderly manner), and will accompany photographers around the world with a new image in the future.


Latest LOGO

Professional but not dull, very textured but not arrogant, rational and aesthetic, this is the new K&F CONCEPT.

In addition to the LOGO, the new slogan also appeared at the same time, "SEE THE UNSEEN/Unseen", K&F CONCEPT wishes every photographer to be faithful to their own unique perspective, and capture inspiration with the brand's unique and sophisticated photographic equipment, and explore together with K&F CONCEPT The world, unseen.

At the same time, the official website of the global brand will be launched, which will update the brand trend in real-time, and provide a detailed introduction of the full range of products and purchase channels. At the same time, loyal users can not only exchange their points for prizes on the official website of the brand, view the outstanding works of experts in various fields that cooperate with K&F CONCEPT, and share their photography techniques and equipment usage experience, but also upload their own works in the special column on the website, and share them with the whole world. The world shows the horizon of its own eyes (the function is online).

K&F CONCEPT brand history

Starting from a group of senior photographers who are passionate about photography, K&F CONCEPT was officially established in 2012, dedicated to creating high-quality and convenient photographic equipment for photographers around the world, and established an optical filter R&D and production base. Years of experience and profound insights into photography have enabled K&F CONCEPT to gain insight into the real needs of photographers, and develop high-quality equipment that is more suitable for photographers' usage habits, greatly optimizes the user experience, and has both texture and beauty.

With years of dedicated research and development, K&F CONCEPT has been recognized by the industry. So far, it has obtained 150 patents for photographic equipment products at home and abroad. The lens adapter has won the Japan DGP Comprehensive Gold Award for five consecutive years, and the square filter holder system Xpro has also won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. In 2020, the company itself won the dual certification of national and Shenzhen high-tech enterprises.

After ten years of deep cultivation, K&F CONCEPT's business has covered 56 countries and regions around the world, with 1200+ online and offline stores, serving global users in 21 languages. Overseas, the brand has entered Japan's largest physical electronic chain Yodobashi, North America's largest professional video sales platform B&H, Adorama and other dozens of authoritative photography category platforms in the world.

Today, more than 20 million photographers and photography enthusiasts around the world are using K&F CONCEPT to create and explore the world. After the brand upgrade, K&F CONCEPT will continue to keep pace with the times with a new brand image, provide products with value for money and exceed expectations, and help every photographer to capture inspiration and realize creativity.



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Ten years of ingenuity, K&F CONCEPT helps photographers to open up new horizons.

The unique perspective of each photographer is the starting point for dialogue with the world through images, and it is also the source of product innovation for K&F CONCEPT.
Mutual achievement, meeting at the top, K&F CONCEPT attracts outstanding peers with professionalism

For photographers, high-quality equipment and high-level photographers often complement each other and achieve each other. K&F CONCEPT, a photographic equipment brand created by a group of excellent and passionate photographers, is well-known in the photography circle for its professional design, thoughtful details and excellent quality.

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