• How can we become the exclusive distributor in our market?

    Normally we are not work with exclusive distributor in one market. But we can provide some items with exclusive term as long as the distributor can meet our MOQ request.

  • Will you attend exhibition?

    Yes, we attened TPS exhibition, photokina, CP plus etc.

  • Normally how you guys promote the brand?

    We have marketing team who will promote our brand via social media like Facebook, Instamgram, Youtube. Moreover, we have cooperated with photographers from different countries and participated in some photography activities.

  • Can you send me some free sample to test?

    Hello sir/madam, thanks for interested in K&F Concept products. Registered kfconcept.com (this web) members have the opportunity to get free sample.

  • Will K&F Concept offer magnetic ND filters?

    Yes, currently we have magnetic lens filter kit ( MCUV+CPL+Neutral Density ND1000+Magnetic Adapter Ring ). ND8 and ND64 magnetic filters are in our plan and will be listed soon.

  • Does K&F Concept sell 67mm magnetic ND64 filter and gradient 0.9 ring filter?

    The magnetic ND64 filter and the soft gradient 0.9 rings filter are already on sale.

  • Does K&F Concept provide a 77mm magnetic ND filter that can be purchased separately?

    No, K&F Concept will sell magnetic ND filter separately in September.

  • Will K&F Concept sell magnetic 86mm filter sets of 3 or 4 stops?

    No, currently, magnetic 86mm filter sets of 3 or 4 stops are not in our plan.

  • Will filters for DJI Mini 2 be offered on K&F Concept?

    Yes, filters for DJI Mini 2 are under development and will be offered on K&F Concept in a short time.

  • Does K&F Concept has a tripod with foot spikes? Or can I buy the spikes separately and attach them to the tripod?

    Yes, K&F Concept offers tripods with foot spikes, including KF09.087, KF09.087V2, etc.

  • I lost the quick release plate. Where can I buy it separately?

    Yes, the quick release plate can be purchased separately on kentfaith.com and Amazon.

  • Can I put more than one filter on my camera lens and is stacking neutral density filter or filters a good idea?

    Yes, our screw-in filters are double-threaded and can be screwed together. You can use your imagination to create different effects by overlaying filters. It should be noted that when you put more filters on the lens, vignetting may occur. This situation may happen more with wide-angle lenses.

  • What filter would you recommend for 'general use'?

    If you are used to using a filter protector, the K & F Nano-x MCUV protector is recommended to you, where Which provides a basic reduction in ultraviolet terms. If you like landscape photography, we recommend that k & f nano-x CPL filter That eliminates or alleviates spot, increase colour saturation. In colour and black and white photography, it can eliminate or reduce the strong reflectance of the non-metal surface by selectively changing the light of the vibration. It can also reduce the soft focus caused by fog in the landscape without changing the tonal balance of the entire photo.

  • Which is best, leaving a protective filter to on the lens and adding a circular polarizer on top, or removing the protective filter before installing the polarizer?

    A K&F nano-x MCUV filter can stay on your lens to protect it, and it also provides an additional function to effectively reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays. If you want, you can install a K&F nano-x CPL filter on the front port of the MCUV, which can effectively eliminate or reduce facula and increase colour saturation while blocking ultraviolet rays.

  • I' m looking to get into portrait photography, does K&F make any soft-focus filters or anything for this?

    Yes, K&F is currently selling black diffusion filters, which are specially designed for portrait photography. The black diffusion filter reproduces the medieval lens, which has a unique aesthetic feeling in the film age. It can reduce the contrast of the photo and render the atmosphere of some special scense. It can also retain more details in the dark part while diffusion. K&F magnetic black diffusion filter will be launched in September, please wait and see.

  • How do I purchase a K&F Concept product?

    We have both online and offline channels. If you are interested, some recommended channels can be viewed in [ kfconcept.com ]


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