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Content Creator

Alberto ghizzipanizza01

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza is a professional photographer, Nikon Global testimonial, Nikon School Master and ESO Photo Ambassador. Born in Parma in 1975, he inherited his artistic talent from his grandfather as a naive painter and from his father as an amateur photographer. Since he was a child he draws and paints, approaching film photography already in his youth. A great lover of technology and computers, he is a forerunner of digital photography. In fact, he began to use it assiduously as early as 1998 with a 0.06 megapixel camera, believing in the enor-mous potential of this technology. He has received more than fifty national and international awards and constantly carries out workshops, courses, exhibitions and conferences all over the world. Recognized as one of the best Italian photographers, he carries out both collective and individual courses and workshops. He collaborates with various international photo agencies and publishes photos and articles in numerous international newspapers. From 2013 he joined the Nikon Professional Services (NPS) Between 2015 and 2016 he made a report for Nikon and ESO for Chilean observers testing the new Nikon D810A camera. In 2017, his images are used by Nikon Europe for two advertising campaigns: one for the 100th anniversary and the other on the"Beauty of rust"using Nikkor-Micro optics. At the end of summer 2017 he became one of the official testers of the new Nikon D850 and together with Nital he presented the characteristics of this reflex to the Nikon D850 Live! In 2018 he received a visit from Nikon Europe who made a video on his vision of macro photography. Also in 2018 he becomes Laowa Venus Optics Brand Ambassador and is the first Italian official tester of the Nikon P1000 and of the new full frame mirrorless, the Z7. In 2019 he becomes brand ambassador also for K&F Concept and is the official Italian tester and presenter for Nital of the Nikon Z50. In 2020 it becomes brand ambassaror for NiSi and Meike; he produces a series of videos and tutorials for Ni-kon Italy and Nikon USA for the "abstract macro" theme and the home macro. He is the first Italian official Nikon Z7II tester and collaborates with Nital at the Nikon D6 presentation webi-nars. In 2021, in collaboration with Nital, Nikon and Nikon School, he creates webinars on the use of the Nikon Z system. With Digital Camera School he constantly carries out online and field courses with thousands of par-ticipants.

Content Creator

Ale Rodrigues

I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and since 2006 I have been shooting photographs all around the world, dedicating most of my time for landscape and architecture photography In my photographs there's an interest to carry a message forward in encourage people to raise awareness of the preservation of inner peace , through emotion "Photography for me is a reunion with myself", it's a deepening my own vision, is questioning myself about the world, about what I want to convey, what I want to say, the way I I see the world and try to express it. In fact, when creating my photographs I learn more about myself every day.

Content Creator

Elena Salvai

"She has always been a great lover of nature and open spaces, elements in perfect harmony with her freedom of spirit.After his university studies, he began trekking in the mountains. The breathtaking scenery of these places, lead her to the passion for photography,in which she finds a perfect way to immerse herself deeply in nature and catch certain unrepeatable moments forever. Nature,therefore, the absolute protagonist, seen in its most extreme and spectacular moments, with particular interest and passion for storms and lightning. Understanding the power of nature but also the fragility and consequently the respect we must have for our planet are the main intentions of his shots."

Content Creator


Spanish photographer specialized in night and landscape photography. Born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) in 1979. In love with nature and mountains, he combines landscape photography with night lights that create an ethereal atmosphere. Light painting is another of the techniques he performs creating unreal characters using any source of light, from candles to last generation led lights.

Content Creator


Marcello Cavalcanti, photographer from Rio de Janeiro, 41 years old, 20 of photography, deeply involved with landscape and nature photography, what drives me to compose my images is my relation with creativity. I'm always travelling to shoot the local nature in it's pure raw and art form. Africa, Atacama, Patagonia, Canada, Norway, The Caribbean, Pantanal (Brazilian's wetlands) are some of the places I've been in the latest years. Im also a photography teacher, with over 600 students between my presencial and online classes. In my Youtube channel I show the behind-the-scenes of my photography sessions, when I go shoot to produce great images for the fineart photography market, where im involved since 2010, and sold over 2500 images for decoration of homes and offices. I also wrote 3 e-books about landscape/ nature photography, that together sold almost 1.000 copies online. I've won important awards like the Brasilia Photo Show and the Epson Pano Awards. My images are frequently shown at magazines, newspapers, books and exhibits.

Content Creator

Moises Cugat

I am a photography lover. I really am. I take photos for pleasure and I am always in search of this feeling when you are capturing that moment that you know it is unique and it is gonna work on camera. I am mostly into landscapes and portraits.

Content Creator

Raymond Mcbride

"Hi,I'm Ray. A photographer based in the U.K. I live in a place called New Brighton which is located on the north eastern tip of the Wirral Peninsula. I'm a self taught photographer with a sincere passion for all aspects of photography, but seascapes are my main interest. I love keeping things simple in life and when out in the field I find it always produces the best results with the least amount of stress. No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job, and my top priority is to make sure everyone goes home happy. "

Content Creator

Toby Horn

I am a photographer based in Leipzig (Germany). I take photographs since my erliest years. What started as a cheerful activity becomes a passion and a dream job later on. I am very interested in the technical aspects of photography as well as being out in the nature to take photographs. I most like landscape photography. But you also will find me a lot underwater scuba diving with my camera to take underwater shots. Beside that I produce videos for my german speaking channel on YouTube. There I do a lot of reviews as well a practical tipps for all kind of photography and for all experience levels.

Content Creator


We are Tomas & Hector, 2 friends and enthusiast photographers that are in love with landscape and night photography. We like to share our knowledge as we do in our web page www.cazandoluz.com. Our passion for photography started some years ago when we bought our first mirrorless cameras. It was so interesting for us that we started to learn new techniques and try different types of photography. Then, we decided to create our web page to share information with other photographers. Our main purpose is to help those photographers that are starting in these beautiful world to understand how to take those awesome pictures they have in mind and learn together with us.

Content Creator

W Wise Photography

Warren’s photographic journey started as a hobby and quickly turned into a passion which grew into a Business. He travels the West Country Capturing everything from intimate local woodlands, to the rugged beauty of the coastline. Warren’s unique style and ambition for creating images with emotion and drama have won him competitions within the photographic community and although Cornwall is his home he wants to capture the world.

Content Creator


"My Name is Paul Dixon I'm a landscape photographer based in Dover in Kent. I've been a photographer now for a almost three years, photographing all kinds of landscapes here in the UK. Photography is my biggest passion, showing people the world the way I see it is one of the most rewarding things I can do. Inspiring a new generation of photographers and helping those who are on there own journey is something that really motivates me, giving back to the photography community to help this amazing art form grow and grow stronger then ever before."