Manual lens adapter ring NIK-EOS R

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Manual lens adapter ring NIK-EOS R


Manual lens adapter ring NIK-EOS R

About this item

  • 【 Material】High-quality copper and aluminum alloy ;High precision and durable.
  • 【Features】Red dot mark, accurate alignment, Install and remove smoothly;
  • 【Manual Focus】Full manual control, Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually. Supports manual control, manual focus, manual exposure and focus to infinity;
  • 【Please note】 when using the adapter ring for the first time, please turn on the “release shutter w/o lens”option in the menu, otherwise the adapter lens will not be recognized.
  • 【Pre-purchase Verification】 Please ensure your lens mount and camera mount before purchase in case of unnecessary returning. We are here for help if you have any question about adapters.

Instructions for use


  • Manual adapter without autofocus or aperture ring.
  • Skillful installation, needn't too much force.

'No Lens Attached' - Warning Message Appears:

  • If your camera indicates "lens is not properly installed", please modify the camera settings: 'Menu' -> 'Setup' -> 'Release w/o Lens' -> 'Enable' (Exact naming and location may change depending on camera model). If your lens does not have a manual aperture control ring, it will stop down to its smallest f/stop by default.
  • Set camera "release shutter without lens" to enable when using the adapter for the first time, or the camera will fail to recognize the lens and the shutter may not be released.





  • Lens: NIK Mount Lens
  • Camera: EOS R mount Cameras
  • Compact and high quality with metal material
  • Precise production to ensure the perfect fit
  • Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually
  • Allows focus infinity
  • Elegant clear appearance

Infinity focus position:

  • The position of the infinity mark [∞] of the telephoto lens is shifted slightly to the positive side to enable focus adjustment even when focus shift is caused due to temperature changes. The shift range is denoted by an L-shaped line, Be sure to check the focus through the viewfinder even when you shoot at infinity.


  • L mount cameras are full-frame mirrorless cameras.
  • Adapting APS-frame lens to full-frame camera may generate vignetting, which is not the problem of the adapter. Some cameras could correct it by adjusting to APSC.



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