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  • Instagram: @marcellocavalcanti1
  • Youtube : Marcello Cavalcanti Por Trás da Foto
  • Facebook: Marcello Cavalcanti

W Wise Photography

  • • Marcello Cavalcanti, photographer from Rio de Janeiro, 41 years old, 20 of photography, deeply involved with landscape and nature photography, what drives me to compose my images is my relation with creativity. • I’m always travelling to shoot the local nature in it’s pure raw and art form. Africa, Atacama, Patagonia, Canada, Norway, The Caribbean, Pantanal (Brazilian’s wetlands) are some of the places I’ve been in the latest years. • Im also a photography teacher, with over 600 students between my presencial and online classes. • In my Youtube channel I show the behind-the-scenes of my photography sessions, when I go shoot to produce great images for the fineart photography market, where im involved since 2010, and sold over 2500 images for decoration of homes and offices. • I also wrote 3 e-books about landscape/ nature photography, that together sold almost 1.000 copies online. • I’ve won important awards like the Brasilia Photo Show and the Epson Pano Awards. My images are frequently shown at magazines, newspapers, books and exhibits.