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HIKING & WILD CAMPING PHOTOGRAPHY on Dartmoor (with K&F Concept) 4K
My Hiking Photography tips on Dartmoor feature landscape photography of sunsets, backpacking Foggintor Quarry and trying out the K&F Concept Tripod SA254T1. This is an outdoor photo tutorial for beginners and advanced photographers.
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29 April 2022
K&F SA254T1 Tripod/Monopod Kit
Now for such a compact tripod it packs a lot of punch with a load capacity of 10kg (22lb) but also an extendable height of 96″ which for those tall photographers out there this is the tripod for you. It has a good array of features, the central column can move from 0 to 180 degrees and be rotated 360° horizontally, perfect for those that love to shoot those panoramic shots. The tripod is made with aluminium magnesium alloy giving good strength whilst still being relatively lightweight. The K&F Branded quick release plate has been given a hard anodic oxidation treatment.
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Are MC UV protection lens filters worth using?
Now UV protection lens filters are not only limited to blocking ultraviolet light, but are more commonly used to protect your lens. UV protection lens filters can protect the lens with multi-layer coating and are also easier to clean. It is a safe barrier for your lens when you are in a harsh environment where the lens can be compromised.
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08 September 2022


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